Legacy of Light

Contribution: Lead UI, UX, Visual Design, UI animation.
Tools: Photoshop, Pixate, Invision, Cinema4D, After Effects.
Developer: GREE International Inc.

Legacy of Light was a build-and-battle strategy game, and sequel to War of Nations (WoN) developed at GREE.

Game logo created in Illustrator and Cinema4D.

Game Screens

World Map, troop inventory, commander summoning, and purchasing a resource building.

Commander frame designs indicating rarity. Portrait art done by various GREE artists.

Design Process

The inception of Legacy of Light was to create a new game that built on the success of War of Nations, but more accessible to mid-core players.

In the pre-production phase we were exploring the fantasy theme in terms of materials, colors, realistic vs stylistic, and hardcore/mid-core balance. The lore of the game and characters were being developed concurrently.

Starting to dial in the visual design. Because of limited space on mobile devices, keeping ornamentation to a minimum is ideal. I wanted to have enough art to express the theme, but not so much that it lost it’s deference to the content, or made the dialogs too crowded.